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Showing 1 - 24 of 272 products
Petzl Toolbag - Large
Petzl Petzl Toolbag - Large
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Petzl Micro Traxion Progress Capture Pulley
Petzl Caritool Tool Carrier-Petzl Caritool Tool Carrier-
Petzl Petzl Caritool Tool Carrier-
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Ferno Rappel Belt
Ferno Ferno Rappel Belt
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Petzl Micro Swivel
Petzl Petzl Micro Swivel
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DMM Industrial Tool Bag - 6L
Edelrid Turn Rigging Pulley
Edelrid Spoc Industrial Rescue PulleyEdelrid Spoc Industrial Rescue Pulley
FIXE Maillon Standard Steel D8mm
DMM Zodiac Screwgate Industrial Carabiner
Petzl Ring Open Industrial Rigging Device
Petzl Swivel Open
Petzl Petzl Swivel Open
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Edelrid 2.6mm Throw Line - 50m Spool
Ferno Round 25 x 1200 32 kN Industrial Sling

Each piece of hardware has a different purpose. Ascenders and descenders guide you safely up and down ropes, pulleys help lift heavy tools or are used during rescue operations and fall arresters can save you from a nasty accident. Although the gear may seem similar, keep in mind some professions need different tools. Arborists require specialist arboriculture equipment, such as heavy-duty harnesses to withstand the weight of extra gear and rigging plates that minimise height loss.

These important jobs come with a level of risk and safety that requires reliability and durability to be considered when choosing your gear. All K2 Base Camp brands are known for their high safety standards and quality products for everyday use.

The difference between industrial and sport climbing equipment

Although they may seem similar, industrial climbing equipment and sport climbing equipment serve different purposes. Industrial climbing often requires long periods of suspension and may need to transport bulky machinery and supplies along lines. Sport climbing is often recreational and may rely on lighter harnesses and hardware. You can find our sport climbing equipment here.

Whether you need an industrial helmet, harness or other climbing hardware, the K2 team can help you pick the right equipment for your needs. Contact us to learn more about bulk orders and trade prices. You can find us in-store at Fortitude Valley or order from our online range now!