Top 10 Gift Ideas for Adventure Loving Mums

Mother's Day is almost upon us (it is on May 12, 2024). Have you decided on the gifts for Mums in your life? If not, no problem. We have put together the list below so you can make them smile.

1- Water Bottles

These bottles are a favourite here at K2. It is a must for any adventurous and outdoorsy Mum! Plenty of sizes and colours to choose from, you’ll be sure to choose the one just right for her.

The The classic BPA/BPS- free Nalgene Wide Mouth bottle is made from recycled material equivalent to 8 single-use bottles!

Still the same practically indestructible bottle, the Nalgine Sustain bottle uses a revolutionary resin powered by new recycling technology to transform plastic destined for landfills into high-performance BPA/BPS-free bottles. The material is derived from 50% waste plastic (using ISCC-certified mass balance), further offsetting the use of fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

2 - Portable Coffee Makers

Compact and lightweight, she can pack one of these makers in her bag and enjoy quality coffee on hikes, while travelling or at home.

3 - Waterproof Rain Jacket

Gift her a premimum outdoor jacket for combating rain, wind, and snow. Our below pick offers unparalleled waterproof and windproof protection, balancing strong defense with breathability for comfort across diverse climates.

Waterproof, breathable, and lightweight, the GORE-TEX® Aspire Jacket has been winning awards for years for its dependable rain protection and feature-packed details. Easy-to-vent TorsoFlo™ lets you unzip your jacket from hem to bicep to wear poncho style over a pack waist strap, or simply to let out excess heat when you're working hard.

4 - Daypack

It is very unlikely to get a daypack as a present and be unhappy about it. Even if you already had one, it is always better to have a couple of them in various volumes in your inventory. Whether you take it to work, to the gym, or a day hike, it is an Aussie lifestyle necessity for many.

We hardly managed to decrease the number to 4 after a lot of discussion and broken hearts. Not impressed by our selections below? We have heaps of them check out our daypack category.

5 - Versatile Neckwear

When it comes to Buff, it is really hard to pick just one, however, most of the team love the Merino model. If you would like to view all the options, you can check the Buff Neckwear page. 

Multifunctional neckwear designed for all-year-round use. Ideal protection against the cold during high-intensity outdoor activities such as trail running, trekking, bouldering, hiking, horse riding, cycling or riding a motorbike.

The Buff Original Ecostretch protects your skin from long exposure to the sun, and has optimal capacity for transferring moisture vapour away from the body will keep you dry and comfortable. Designed for improved sustainability, using exclusively Polyester microfibre obtained from clear plastic recycled bottles supplied and certified by REPREVE®.

6 - Socks

We know it does not sound that impressive at first, however, these are not your average socks. The below products will make the difference between a smooth run and a painful one for any trail runner or hiker. If you think a pair of hiking socks or trail running socks is not enough, you can always buy more!

7 - Camp Lantern

Fully waterproof and shatterproof, below Luci lighting solutions come a built-in solar rechargeable battery – providing bright light all night. Whether mum likes camping, boating, or hiking, Luci Lights are ready for anything, anytime, anywhere, in any weather.

8 - Hammocks

The perfect gift for anyone is the gift of relaxation! Mum can hitch this up in the backyard, at the crag or she can take it camping.

The Original Hammock is the most-popular travel hammock, which accommodates most users.

The tough fabric is flexible and lovingly hugs body. Moon hammocks never disappoint in the comfort department. They are breathable and aid circulation, helping you beat both the heat and discomfort. They use OEKO-TEX®Standard 100 nylon, a hypoallergenic fabric ideal for all hammockers with allergies and sensitive skin. 

Thanks to 25 years of experience, their parachute nylon hammocks are the standard in when it comes to travel hammock. They are ideal for life as a digital nomad, hiking through the wilderness or just for a nap in your garden with complete relaxation.

Ticket to the Moon (TTTM) travel hammocks have been tested in all climates, around the world, they meet every requirement for the most challenging terrain. The hammock can be installed or taken down in less than a minute. Its smart Xpress Settings Bag packaging means you can use your hammock also as a travel pillow: very practical on the train or the plane.

9 - Hooded Long Sleeve Tops

These hooded long-sleeve tops can protect you from sunlight while keeping your body cool. They are stylish too! These breathable, moisture-wicking tops will quickly become Mum's favourite. If you are interested in more options both Echo Range and ActiveIce Range come in different short or long-sleeve models.

Outdoor Research's ultralight Echo collection features an eco-friendly mesh fabric with AirVent moisture management to keep you cool and dry. Echo fabric has a soft hand feel, with inherent stretch and stink-free odour control for high-exertion activities.

ActiveFresh™ provides active odour control that eliminates bad smells with long-lasting, durable freshness without jeopardising the fabric's breathability or softness. ActiveFresh™ is made from bio-based, silver-free technology that inhibits environmental odours, food-related body odours, and bacterial odours by actively preventing the buildup of bad smells during high-exertion sports.

Self-cooling technology that dynamically adjusts to your body temperature, making overheating a thing of the past. This shirt has the highest level of UPF 50+ sun protection so you can start feeling cooler for longer.

Best-selling ActiveIce™ technology works more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Outdoor Research's proprietary self-cooling technology now reacts to increases in your body temperature by dynamically cooling you faster when you need it most. A special additive drives this cooling process via phase changes, which keeps the wicking, breathable, and quick drying ActiveIce™ technology the ideal solution for anyone who spends serious time in hot, sweaty, sun-baked conditions. This sun hoodie was built for total coverage and comfort, featuring a chafe-free design and dynamic reach to let you stretch, move, and take on the heat.

10 - Hats

Not everyone is comfortable with a hat however its benefits are not even open for discussion in Australian conditions. If hats are part of her lifestyle, Mum will love the below hats whether she is a climber, hiker, or trail runner.

Still cannot decide on the gift?

Let Mum choose her next favourite gear. Gift her with one of our gift cards. Purchase it online and send the gift card to her email. You can click on the gift card of your choosing below and follow the steps.