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How do to clean and wash climbing shoes and mountaineering boots?

To clean your boot outsoles, first brush them vigorously to remove any caked-on debris, dirt, or pebbles. Then, use a hose to power-wash any remaining muck. When cleaning your mountaineering boot uppers firstly remove laces. Using a brush with some boot cleaner to gently remove any dirt. For any remaining debris, use running water and the brush. If your mountaineering boots are made from leather, you can also use a leather conditioner when the outside becomes dry or cracked. You can also add a waterproofing shield to your mountaineering boots to increase their longevity.

How to fit and size climbing shoes and women’s mountaineering boots?

When fitting for your mountaineering boots they should be a half size to one whole size larger than your regular shoe size. This is to accommodate your thick hiking socks. The mountain boots should be large enough for your heel to slightly lift away from the insole while walking, without rubbing against the back of the boot. The heel lift should not exceed ¼ inch in your boots. A bigger fit will also reduce the risk of your toes pushing into the front of your shoe during descents. Most importantly, pick a mountaineering boot you feel most comfortable in!

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