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RENTAL - SNAP Bouldering Crash Pad
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Grivel Crash Pad Grivel Bouldering MatGrivel Crash Pad Grivel Bouldering Mat
Grivel Grivel Crash Pad Grivel Bouldering Mat
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SNAP Stamina Bouldering Crash PadSNAP Stamina Bouldering Crash Pad
SNAP Bouldering Crash Pad FlapSNAP Bouldering Crash Pad Flap
SNAP Bouldering Crash Pad Belt
SNAP Grand Rebound Bouldering Crash Pad - CravenSNAP Grand Rebound Bouldering Crash Pad - Craven

If you are thinking of getting involved in bouldering, crash pads or mats are essential. Not only do they help absorb shock and lessen the impact when you fall but our range offers versatile size and style options so you can comfortably carry them to the crag.

Choosing the right mat for you can be influenced by your familiarity with the sport and the type of boulders you will be climbing. These mats are not limited to outdoor recreation activities alone and can also be used as mats for your home wall set up, indoor gym climbing, parkour, or even a comfy crag chair. Best of all, our mats feature straps that allow for easy transport.

If you want to learn more before deciding, the specialist outdoor climbing team at K2 Base Camp can help you get the right bouldering mat for your climbing goals. Contact us now or visit our Fortitude Valley store.

All you need now are your climbing shoes and chalk and you’ve got all the bouldering basics covered!


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