Resoleing Climbing Shoes

Resoling climbing shoes is a sustainable way to keep the rubber on your favorite climbing shoes fresh and sticky. If you have really been working your climbing shoes and need to mend a strap, midsole, or rand replacement drop in and see the K2 Climbing Team.

When to resole your shoes...

  • Keep an eye on the rubber of your shoes, especially if you are climbing in a softer Climb Shoe like the La Sportiva Theory or Skwama.
  • The rubber on the toe of your shoe wears quickly and is designed to be replaced. 
  • Bring your shoes in to be resolved BEFORE there is any rand damage due to the sole wearing thin. 
  • Avoid climbing the rand to redue the cost and time of a resole.
  • If your shoes form holes the shoe will need to be repaired with stitching and patching. 
RandArtboard 1
Rand has been worn through
Rand has been worn through
HolesArtboard 1

Where to resole your shoes...

K2 Base Camp offers Climbing Shoe resoling through Sticky Rubber Resoles, the official La Sportiva authorised resoler, and Scotty Dog resoles.

Sticky Rubber Resoles - 0450 490 197, PO Box 7071 Gwynneville 2500 NSW,

Scotty Dog Resoles - 0458 742 006, PO Box 70 Stanthorpe QLD 4380, ,