K2 Team Member Review - Prana Mojo Shorts

Written by K2 Team Member - Daniel Laing

All too soon after arriving in Brisbane from the U.K I realised that climbing, hiking or doing anything in trousers was going to be a no go for at least ten months of the year. Luckily these incredibly lightweight shorts made from recycled microfibre came to my rescue. I’ve never enjoyed climbing in shorts that much, finding them quite restrictive when having to go for high footholds or making rockover moves. For me the Mojos were a real game changer and I feel complete freedom when bouldering at the gym or roped up at the crag thanks to the light, stretch fabric Prana have utilised.. They quickly became my go to garment for just about everything in QLD including climbing, hiking, cycling and even at work in the shop, simply nothing comes close for comfort. I currently have four pairs on a rotation system and am always on the lookout for new colours. The elastic waistband gives added comfort and the Velcro pocket at the rear is great for storing keys when out on a run. I even swim with them at the beach due to how quick they dry. 

I’ve yet to find anything comparable to the Mojos for lightness, comfort and usability across so many disciplines. In fact I’m struggling to remember the last time I wore anything else! Whatever your passion I have no doubt the Mojo shorts will only enhance the experience.


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