Introducing 52 Peaks Challenge - Sponsored by K2 Base Camp

In December 2021, outdoors enthusiasts Paul and Annica kicked off something special—the 22 Peaks Challenge with the hope of finding ten new friends that share their love for adventure and personal challenge.

The premise was simple. Climb 22 peaks in 2022. Each time they claimed a peak they did a ‘summit salute’ and posted the photo. Then, they updated the scoreboard at the end of each month and celebrated their wins.

The Challenge attracted 3100 members on Facebook by November 2021 and became an active community of people who love the outdoors and nature.

The positive impact on the ‘Peakers’ was incredible and the feedback Paul and Annica were getting was immense. It did make a real difference in people’s lives. And so they decided to scale their impact and take the concept to the whole of Australia and New Zealand. They also added more peaks and awards and renamed it the ’52 Peaks Challenge’.

Paul and Annica looking forward to meeting more adventure seekers every year as they climb, scramble and summit the most spectacular peaks in Australia and New Zealand.